Wadlopen Pieterburen
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Purveyor of mud-walking

"Even the royal family used our services..."

The Royal family mud-walking

All princes en princesses on the mud

2 Day Mud-walking (tip)

"After a good night sleep I can handle this mud-walking"


from € 74,50 p.p.


  • Welcome drink
  • Coffee/thee with apple pie
  • Film about mud-walking
  • Mud-walking tour
  • 3-Course dinner
  • Overnight stay with breakfast
  • Wellness

Mud-walking with guide Wigbold

"Look seals, shouted guide Wigbold"

from €16,50 p.p


  • Coffee/thee with apple pie
  • Soda with apple pie for the kids
  • Film about mud-walking
  • Mud-walking tour of 3 hours

Mud-walking with a group

"Laughed a lot, worked hard and afterward enjoyed a good BBQ..."

from € 44,00 per p.p.


  • Coffee/thee with apple pie
  • Film about mud-walking
  • Mud-walking tour of about 3,5 hours
  • BBQ


Real mud-walking!
Mud-flats, seals, ditches and mud Real mud-walking!
from €16,50. Boek nu


All-in mud-walking
Incl. Mud-walk tour, hotel,
breakfast, dinner and Wellness

Boek nu! Al vanaf €74,50


Go to this island by foot!
All-in mud-walking Package

wadlopen pieterburen lees verder icoon Schiermonnikoog vanaf €37,50

Mud-walking Ameland
Go to this island by foot!
Several packages available.

wadlopen pieterburen lees verder icoon Ameland wadlopen


Mud-walking with kids
School trips, kids parties
mud-walking for kids.

wadlopen pieterburen lees verder icoon Al vanaf € 14,50  Boek nu


A unique mud-walking, for the age of 4 and older, tour of 2 hrs
Boek nu! €12,50

(Wadloop) Groepen
BBQ, buffetten, lunches, diners, koffietafels, theaterdiners.
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Mud-walking gift card
For every occasion an
original gift!

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Mud-walking groups
Groups of 12 up to 200 persons
mud-walking Pieterburen

wadlopen pieterburen lees verder icoon Al vanaf € 16,50  Boek nu

3-Day Mud-walking
A complete package 2 overnight
stays breakfast, dinner, wellness

wadlopen pieterburen lees verder icoon € 153,-  Boek nu


Arrangementen, vergaderen, dineren, overnachten, BBQ, tuk tuk rijden etc...
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Mud-Walking Pieterburen

Everybody has heard of the term mud-walking, but what is mud-walking exactly?

Mud-walking is organised in the village Pieterburen, here you can hear and smell the Wadden Sea and get the holiday feeling. In the top of the Netherlands, at the Wadden Sea, you can find this mud-walking village Pieterburen.

Mud-walking is a beautiful, environmentally friendly sport, which can be participated by everyone with a normal health! During the mud-walking tour you will go through vegetated mud-flats, mud-flats, shoals and (deep!) ditches. At times you will be knee-deep in the mud and sometimes you have to wade through a ditch with water coming up to your middle! When it is really warm outside, mud-walking is one of the most refreshing sports in the Netherlands and with a little bit of luck you will see seals in their natural habitat. On the mud-flats every sea breeze is your breeze. Cold, rain, storm? At times you have to push through, but mud-walking is so beautiful!

With mud-walking you walk on the bottom of the Wadden Sea, which can only be done off course when the tide is low.  Nature is king on the mud-flats, which makes it very special and exciting. Mud-walking does have risks, you can never go without a guide onto the mud-flats.

Mud-walking Pieterburen has a hotel with sauna and swimming pool, pizzeria, restaurant, mud-walking shop with mud-walking shoes for rent and a playground with  go-cards. Everything to make your mud-walking experience as pleasant and complete as possible.

Rent you Mud-walking shoes for € 7,50

We advice high surf shoes for mud-walking. These shoes protect your feet and are easy to clean afterwards. Other high shoes (like basketball shoes) are good as well, but difficult to clean afterwards.

For reservations call 0031 (0) 595 528 558 or send an e-mail info@beleef-pieterburen.nl

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